It`s certain: the woman that keeps you awake is like a jewel! And if you couldn`t find the similarities between a precious woman and a strong coffee then there are plenty of reasons to read this post.

What about you dear reader, are you like a strong coffee? That kind of coffee that keeps a man awake all night until the morning comes and he still doesn`t feel like falling asleep…

You might be a sweet person, for the woman who has this ability mentioned above represents a certain priority and since this one exists her importance is essential. If this type of woman can keep you awake it only demonstrates how important she is and from that moment she clearly has the ability to replace a fine coffee.

Flavor could be something that goes beyond taste. You need a fine taste to perceive good flavors and maybe a proper word to describe this notion would be “subtle”. The woman who stands beside you can easily be identified as very subtle, for no one will have the necessary taste to get to know her but you.

The coffee smell is like a woman`s perfume, the kind that predicts everything. In the second you bring the cup of coffee near your mouth you are already aware of its smell and flavor as you`re aware of the intense moments that appear before kissing a woman.

What makes a coffee different from another is the smell of it in addition to flavor and savor. So it is when it comes to a woman`s perfume that plays an important role for it has the capability to remain forever embedded in the man`s senses.

An intelligent woman will always know how to be like a strong coffee. Taloș Darius

Artist Szilvia Kiss

Photographer Andrei Pop